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Hi, and welcome to Mijaslife.com. My name is Sue, and the chap sitting next to me in the picture is my husband John. We've lived in Mijas Pueblo, for several years now and are in a unique position to be able to share our hands-on experiences with you.

This is the greatest place John and I have ever lived, and we're looking forward to showing you around the area. We're going to share the things we've learnt, experienced and enjoyed whilst living in this magical white village in Andalusia.

We get stopped all of the time by tourists and visitors, not because we´re famous, but because we have the most adorable puppy. He´s a Spanish Water Dog, all chocolate brown curls and big green eyes - and he really draws the crowds. When we then get chatting, we can´t help but get excited when asked about the village and the area we live in. Our enthusiasm for the place and the people hasn´t waned since the day we moved here, and we hope to pass that on to you.

Here to help you

This site isn't just about helping those of you coming on holiday, we're also here to offer practical help to those of you who already live here, or hope to.

 So whether you're planning a day trip to the Pueblo from one of the cruise ships that stop off in Malaga, planning a holiday in Mijas Costa with family and friends, or looking to make that life changing decision to move here permanently - we're here to help answer those all-important questions that you're bound to have along the way.

We'll suggest some great places to eat and drink for all budgets and tastes, from snacks and tapas to fine dining. The variety of food that's grown and produced in Andalusia is amazing, and the diversity of cuisine available really reflects that. So get your taste buds ready to be tantalised!

Around and about

Mijas is the perfect location to get quick and easy access to the province of Andalusia which offers "everything" in respect to its varied landscapes. We'll explain how to find the long stretches of golden sandy beaches that run for miles against the warm blue Mediterranean Sea, and about the vibrant marinas offering great places to try some of the freshly caught fish.

We've got stunning mountain ranges too, with pine forests and eucalyptus trees giving the most amazing scent as you hike through some of the hundreds of trails on offer. We'll give you details on some of these trails, how to find them and what to look out for whilst soaking up the breathtaking views. We've also got the snowy mountain range of the Sierra Nevada, just over an hours drive from the area if you fancy views of a different kind. 

And don't forget the 'white villages' that this area of Spain is famous for, all of them offering a view into the real Spanish way of life. Exploring them and learning a little more about this fabulous country is fascinating and well worth doing - we'll even give you our Top 10 Places in the area to check out - even the "Smurf" blue village!

There's plenty to keep everyone entertained in and around Mijas. Young or old, energetic or not, you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for here. However, you may struggle to decide from the huge range of options available so we'll offer you some ideas to choose from and give you a chance to do, see, and experience as much as possible while you're here.

MijasLife.com community

MijasLife.com isn't just about John and I, it's about you too. We invite you to join in with all of the topics we're going to cover, giving your opinions, hints, tips and experiences. We don't claim to 'know it all', but with your help we can cover more information and offer a much more balanced website that everyone can benefit from.

Mijas - The Early Years
The early years of Mijas. How it's evolved into the municipality we know today
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Important Telephone Numbers For Mijas Residents
All important telephone numbers and addresses for people living in the Mijas area. Keep them close by for when you need help fast
Our Picture Gallery Of Mijas Pueblo Offers Some Stunning Photos
We´ve got some great photos in our picture gallery of Mijas Pueblo and the surrounding area. If you like the look of the area then why not plan a visit to see it for yourself!
Getting About In Mijas For Tourists, Visitors and Residents
Everything you want, and everything you need to know on getting about in Mijas. Plus essential hints and tips you will not want to travel without!
All Great Bars And Restaurants In Mijas Pueblo Listed Here
Fantastic choice of bars and restaurants in Mijas Pueblo. We´ve listed them all, how to find them, and given a review of many of them too. Which one are you going to try next?
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Our lists of Top 10 Things To Do covers Mijas and the surrounding area of Andalusia, with plenty of things for everyone to enjoy whilst visiting this great part of Spain
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The MUST HAVE Business Directory for residents, holiday home owners and holiday makers here in the Mijas area
Expat In Business
How does an expat make a living when they make that life changing move to live in Spain. We speak to those people in the Mijas area and find out
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Event Calendar For Fiestas And Ferias In Mijas-Not Be Missed
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Mijas Life Blog - News, Events Etc
The blog for Mijas Life. For all the latest news and updates for residents and visitors to the Mijas area. From town hall announcements to events and latest property listings.
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