Bodega del Pintor

Yes, you guessed it! Bodega del Pintor is another one of our favourite places in Mijas Pueblo. There are certain bars and restaurants in the village that offer their visitors something special - and this is one of them! But don´t just take our word for it, here´s a comment from Gerald Frisby posted on Facebook back in February 2015.

Gerald Frisby wrote about Bodega del Pintor 12/2/2015:-

"We have no connection with this place other than as highly satisfied customers but the Bodega Del Pintor just opposite the Picasso Gallery in Mijas Pueblo is a brilliant fusion between a traditional old style Spanish Bar and something more modern. Great atmosphere, fantastic food, good prices friendly staff, great decor and the clientele is a great mix of Spanish people and expats. Highly recommended."

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