Mijas Pueblo Bullring

Building the bullring

The Mijas bullring is quirky because of it´s unusual shape. It was built in 1900 due to popular demand from the people of the area, with the land chosen to build it on being in the same general zone as the castle. 

However because of the irregular shape and lie of the land where it was to be situated, it meant that they had to build an oval shape rather than the usual circle - making it unique in Spain. Rather than having seating around the whole perimeter they only have raised seating from two of the sides. One side facing west (Sol), and the other facing east (Sombra).

As it´s one of the smallest bullrings in the area it tends to get used for the less experienced toreros. They also only use young bulls here, as it´s just not big enough for the huge adult bulls. It gives the apprentices an opportunity to show their skills before progressing to the larger arenas such as Malaga and Ronda.

Watching the spectacle

Many areas of Spain have stopped having bullfights altogether, with others reducing the amount they have and the way they present them. We´ve never been to see a bullfight, and personally never want to, but when we first moved to Spain they were always shown on mainstream Spanish television for all to see. It was a family day out, with adults and children enjoying a picnic whilst watching the spectacle - very bizarre.

If you´re a intrigued in what you might see at a bullfight, but don´t want to pay the 60 or 80 euro to find out you just can´t watch, then here´s your chance to see just what goes on. At least this way you can stop the video at any time!

It´s not particularly pleasant to watch but you´ll see inside Mijas bullring, you´ll see how the spectacle is put together, the way the unique shape of the arena is set out, and of course how the toreos, banderilleros and matador all work as a team.

However if you prefer to do what we do, then find a seat in the bar opposite on a sunny Sunday afternoon during the summer. You´ll see the matadors arrive in their elaborate "suit of lights", you´ll see the horse and rider arrive to do their dancing to music in the arena, and the flamenco dancers who start the whole proceedings off.

For those of you who hate the idea of bullfighting, you may like to know that even these young bulls can often fight back. On one occasion we watched two matadors coming out from the ring. One was hobbling with a gash in his left leg, the other on a stretcher being carried out to the ambulance. Neither injury was life-threatening so we allowed ourselves a smile on behalf of the bulls!

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