Bus Timetable

Essential Bus Timetables for Mijas

Here are the most essential bus timetables for your visit to the area of Mijas. If you manage to take a trip on each of these buses, then you´ll have had a chance to see a slice of everything on offer in the region. Seaside resorts, picturesque countryside, stunning mountains, white villages, and beautiful cities. By clicking on the links below you will get direct access to the times, routes and days these buses run.

Have fun exploring!

When you look at the bus timetable you´ll see a code of letters at the side which may seem a little confusing, so here´s what it means -

  • diari  - Daily
  • lslab  - Monday to Saturday (but not holidays)
  • slab - Saturdays (but not holidays) 
  • dom - Sundays (but not holidays)
  • df - Sundays and Holidays
  • lvlab - Monday to Friday (but not holidays)
  • sdf - Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

The Cost Of Fares

The cost of the bus fares varies depending on how far you´re travelling and more importantly how many travel zones you´re going to cross. The Malaga region is split into four different zones - A, B, C and D, with Malaga City being the central Zone A. 

Mijas comes under Zone C, but if you only spend time in and around the Mijas area then your bus fare will be 1.55€ per single ticket unless you get a travel card as suggested below.

Travel Cards

If you´re planning on staying in the area for a few days, or perhaps have a large group of friends or family with you, then getting a travel card will save you money. The cards can be obtained at dozens of ticket sales points, many of which are Tobacconist Shops.

The card requires a deposit of just 1.80€. You can then put on as much or as little money as you wish. But to give you an idea of the saving possible - a standard single journey ticket bought on a bus in Mijas, and staying within the area of Mijas would cost you 1.55€ per person. Use the pre-paid travel card and that same journey would only cost 0.94€.

Using the travel card means no further money changes hands. You just swipe the card against the machine next to the driver and it will print out your ticket, when there´s more than just one person wait for the ticket to pop out and swipe the card again for every other person.

If you pay as you use the buses then make sure you have plenty of change. The drivers can refuse entry if you only have a large note to offer for a small ticket charge.

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