Dog Beaches Update

Here´s a dog beaches update for those in the Mijas Costa area. As mentioned in a previous blog, the Junta de Andalucia have instigated a closure of beaches used for dogs during the summer months. However many local Authorities have decided to go against the ruling.

Since the release of our previous blog, Mijas Town Hall have made the decision to keep the dog beaches open in the Mijas Costa area. So for those of you who like to use the beach near the Castillio Sohail, then you'll be really pleased to hear that it won't now be closed. You can continue to enjoy the beach with your dog.

BUT please think about the temperature of the sand when you take them down there. It gets really hot and will blister their paws very quickly, so rule of thumb, if you can't walk on the sand with bare feet then it's probably too hot for them as well. Although their paws are a lot less sensitive than our feet, they're not made to take really high temperatures.

We hope you and your dogs really enjoy the summer and the beaches!

P.S There are a lot of jelly fish along the coast at the moment so please be careful.

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