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The event calendar for Mijas Pueblo, and the Mijas area, is packed full of interesting and entertaining events, as there´s always something going on in one of the Mijas areas. Sometimes these events are well publicised, sometimes we´ve just fallen upon them by chance, so we hope this guide will ensure you don´t miss any. 

Below this calendar we´ve given information about some of the major local events. For accurate dates of when they´re taking place each year, either click on the specific event on the calendar below or head to our Blog page. 

Our Event Calendar Guide To The Area

The information below covers events we feel should be in your event calendar. They include religious/traditional events (shown in blue above), music/food/drink events (shown in red above),  and sports/hobbies events (shown in green above). You´ll see the National holidays shown above in yellow. We hope you consider joining in with them and having as much fun as we do year after year.


Three Kings Parade - All towns - January 5th

The first item for your event calendar is the Three Kings Parade is the celebration of the Kings arriving at the stable to offer gifts to the baby Jesus. There´s a big procession in most towns in Spain, and Mijas is no exception, with large decorated floats from where the Three Kings throw sweets to the children who line the streets. The 6th of January is the traditional day that the Spanish families get together to celebrate and the children receive their Christmas presents, although they do usually get a few on December 25th.

See pictures and video of the 2006 celebrations.


Mijas Carnival - Mijas Pueblo - Around Shrove Tuesday

The Carnival is celebrated before the 40 days of lent and is a chance for some fun and fancy dress costumes. The costumes are home made, and as you´ll see from the picture there are some very inventive parents around! There´s prize giving for the best dressed and lots of fun events to watch and, of course, join in with. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above.


Stew and Soup Route (Ruta del Cuchareo)

The Ruta del Cuchareo is the first of many in this event calendar for ´foodies´. During these two wintry months you´ll find a great reason to go out and socialise with various bars and restaurants in the area offering traditional Spanish soups and stews with a drink for a great price. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above. (2017 poster opposite)


Easter - All towns

Easter is a time when the bands come out in all of their regalia, houses are decorated with flags, banners, and palms and flowers are in abundance. The parades in Mijas take place every day during Semana Santa, or Holy Week, and depict the story of the Passion of Christ. 

Heavy and ornate floats (pasos) and statues are carried around the village by large groups of men, known as brotherhoods, with elaborate costumes being worn during many of the processions. The processions are spectacular and well worth seeing, so make a note in your event calendar. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above.


Sardine Festival - La Cala de Mijas - May 1st

Here´s another one for the foodie event calendar. As an old traditional fishing village, La Cala de Mijas celebrates with a sardine festival on May 1st every year, which is actually Spanish National Labour Day. Walk along the beach front and the aroma of grilled sardines is mouth watering, add to it a few drops of beer or wine and it makes a great day out.

Mijas Road Race - Mijas Pueblo

This event is open to a wide range of age groups to compete in the Mijas Mile. The youngsters complete a shorter route before the adults pound the streets around the village. There´s a great atmosphere with plenty of people cheering the runners on. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above.


International Peoples Feria - Mijas Pueblo

The International Peoples Feria in Mijas, which is being organised by ¨Hecho en Mijas¨ (Made in Mijas), will take place in the Plaza Virgen de la Peña. There are over twenty countries represented, with each stand producing food and drink common with their country, along with music and dance. It´s moved from July so for up to date information and dates, see the calendar above. (2015 poster opposite)

Virgen de la Peña - Mijas Pueblo

Virgen de la Peña is the much loved patron saint of Mijas, her ornate statue rests in the Virgen de la Peña Shrine, to the right of the tourist office. The statue is carried around the village during the ceremony with a huge turnout of people watching. During the procession the villagers and dignitaries carry flowers as offerings to the saint. It´s a very colourful and moving ceremony and worth putting in your event calendar if you´re in the area. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above.

International Wine Festival - Mijas Pueblo

This festival is yet another great one for foodies everywhere to put in their event calendar. It´s being held in the Plaza Virgen de la Pena with stands from Spain and other international countries all showing off their range of wine and foods. For those who like both, then definitely not one to be missed. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above.

Classic Motorbike Show - Mijas Pueblo

Towards the middle of June there´s a large gathering of classic motorbikes in Mijas Pueblo. There are stalls selling parts and memorabilia and a huge array of old and beautifully restored bikes - most of which are traditional Spanish makes. They then all head off for a ride, before heading back to the square to enjoy the rest of the day. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above.

Flamenco Dance Festival - Mijas Pueblo

The annual dance festival takes place in the auditorium in Mijas Pueblo. There´ll be around 100 dance students performing on stage at different times to fully choreographed pieces. With live music, singing, and a spectacular light show expected, this is bound to be a another great year for this great ´must see´ event. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above.

San Juan - All towns - June 23rd

The celebration of San Juan is held in the evening of the 23rd June, the longest night of the year, and the start of the summer. This is normally celebrated in and around Calle San Sabastian in Mijas Pueblo, with fireworks and the burning of effigies at midnight. In Mijas Costa, as in other areas along the coast, this is the one night of the year when you are allowed to light fires on the beaches. This is definitely one in the event calendar for the whole family, with a great relaxed atmosphere, people swimming, playing games on the beach and of course large family picnics until the early hours of the morning! 

Las Lagunas Feria - Las Lagunas

Normally held around the last week of June, the feria takes place in the urban expansion area around Avenida Miguel Hernandez and Calle Campanales in Las Lagunas. There´ll be a great light display, as usual, however all bulbs are low energy LED saving the town thousands of Euro in electricity. With competitions, music, dancing, food and fair rides, there´s plenty going on in this very Spanish town. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above. (2016 poster opposite)


Luna Mora Festival - Mijas Pueblo

This event was first held in 2014 and was, without doubt, a huge success. Over 20,000 people visited the village enjoying the special atmosphere created by the thousands of candles and medieval history. The event is being continued now as an annual event and definitely one not to be missed, so check out the dates on the calendar above for this two weekend extravaganza being held in July and August.

Viva Mijas - Mijas Pueblo

Viva Mijas is a chance to let your hair down and enjoy the warm balmy nights with music, dance and food. There´s "Ruta de Tapa", where you get a tapa and drink from many of the bars and restaurants at a reduced cost. In Plaza Virgen de la Peña you´ll find flamenco dancing and music on Tuesday nights, and Caribbean music and dancing on Thursday nights. There´s also an artisan market being held on both nights for those who like to shop.   (2016 poster opposite)

Vive Mijas - Las Lagunas

The Vive Mijas event in Las Lagunas is also being held throughout July and August, but on different nights so you won´t have to choose between the two. On Wednesday nights it´s in Parque Andalucia, and on Fridays it´s in Parque Maria Zambrano. For up to date information and dates, see the event calendar above.


Virgen del Carmen - La Cala de Mijas

Virgen del Carmen is the patron saint of the sea, and as such is very important to the fishing community of La Cala. You´ll see the beautifully crafted statue being carried around the town streets, before being taken to the beach and placed on board a boat and taken out to sea. The local fishing boats will then follow the statue in a wide circuitous route before heading back to shore where she is carried back to her resting place inside the church. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above.

La Cala Feria - La Cala de Mijas

The town feria is held on the piece of land next to the main N340 road, which is actually where the Wednesday and Saturday markets are held every week. There are horse, and horse and carriage competitions, with many others horses dressed to impress around the town. There are plenty of light displays covering the fairground, with fair rides and music to entertain the large number of people who visit this popular feria. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above. (2016 poster opposite)


Carerra Popular Feria - Mijas Pueblo

This road race sets off from the Plaza Virgen de la Peña and with free registration and categories for all age groups, there´s no reason not to join in - unless you don´t fancy running in the heat of August! The younger children will complete a circuit of about 350m, and all others will have a 2.5 mile circuit to complete. It´s a well attended and organised event, and a good one to watch sitting in the shade with a drink in hand. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above. (2016 poster opposite)


Mijas Pueblo Feria - Mijas Pueblo

The feria is held in and around the Plaza Virgen de la Peña, with a huge choice of food and drink stalls circling the main square, and the live entertainment being held in the centre. You´ll see plenty of people dressed in traditional feria clothing, and is a great time to visit the village and see the fusion of traditional culture and modern entertainment, so we suggest you put this in your event calendar. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above.


Santa Teresa - La Cala de Mijas

The patron saint of La Cala is Santa Teresa. The statue is taken around the village with bands, flowers and full pomp and ceremony from the residents of this traditional Spanish seaside town. As with all saints days in Spain there is still a huge following, even the younger generations believe in continuing this very Spanish tradition. So if you´re visiting or have recently moved to the area, we suggest you go along and mix with the locals to get a real feel for the culture of this lovely town. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above. (2013 poster opposite)


Christmas Market - La Cala de Mijas

Christmas is normally already on most people´s event calendar and this event, being held in Boulevard de la Cala, should help keep you in the festive spirit. You´ll find typical Christmas foods and drinks at the stalls in La Cala de Mijas, with lots of great Christmas gift ideas to get everyone in the Christmas mood, even if the sun is still shining. For up to date information and dates, see the calendar above. 

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