Expats In Business

Have you dreamed of becoming an expat and making the move to Spain? The fantastic climate and accompanying lifestyle make southern Spain a very desirable place to live. Unfortunately many that make the move flounder because they haven't thought enough about how they´re going to make ends meet financially!

Do you wonder how you would earn an income to support you and your family? It´s probably true to say that it is not normally a move with work that brings people to live in Spain, but more the aforementioned climate and Spanish lifestyle that motivates.

So how do expats make a living? It isn't always easy but if you´re prepared to work hard and make changes then it is possible. Those that have succeeded have adapted their skills to do something completely different to anything they've done before, and taken jobs in a different industry or in many instances started their own business

Very Different In Spain

Starting your own business in Spain isn't easy, and the government here do not support new business´s with concessions in social security and IVA (VAT as we know it in the UK). Becoming autonomo (self employed) or starting a business requires registration and payment of IVA from day one and euro one. 

The minimum social security payment for autonomo's is normally €264.44, although for the first time 2015 saw the introduction of some special reductions. It is essential to have qualified financial representation in place before you get started.

Expat Success

It is the people that have started their own successful business here in the Mijas Ayuntamiento that interest us the most. Where did these people come from? What have they done before? Where did they get their idea? Why run their own business? What were the pitfalls? What motivates them? And most of all, has it all been worth it?

Over the years we have met a lot of these people and curiosity finally got the better of us! So much so we decided to find out more and interview them for MijasLife.com. Going through this process we have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people and learnt so much more about them as individuals, their business and the services they provide. 

We hope you find their stories as interesting as we have, and if you already live here you will learn more about their business and why it has become so successful. For those reading this that haven't yet taken the plunge to move to Mijas, we hope you will find some real inspiration!

Their Stories

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