New ITV Station For Mijas

The new ITV (technical vehicle inspection) station has been completed and is now awaiting the Junta de Andalucia to confirm the exact opening date (as of February 2016). For those of you coming from the UK, an ITV is the equivalent of an MOT and is required on all Spanish registered vehicles at some point in their lives.

The new centre is located just off Avenida de Andalucia, in a brand new building behind Carglass. This new centre means that people in the Mijas and Fuengirola areas will no longer have to travel to Malaga or Marbella to have their vehicles tested.

When To Have Your Vehicle Tested

Brand new vehicles registered in Spain normally have their first ITV after four years and are then tested every two years until they are ten years old. Vehicles over ten years old are tested every year. However the length of time betweeen tests varies depending on the type of vehicle, for instance commercial and special vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds and caravans are slightly different. If in doubt, check with the authorities.

Once open, you´ll need to make an appointment to have your vehicle tested. You´ll need to produce the vehicle registration document (permiso de circulacion), technical papers (ficha tecnica) and proof of vehicle insurance. Make sure you´re there early because if you miss your slot you´ll need to make a new appointment, they are very strict in this regard.

ITV Check List

Vehicles will be inspected on the following -

  • tyre tread
  • lights
  • emissions
  • shock absorbers
  • steering
  • brakes
  • wheel alignment
  • lighting

Cars will also be checked for the condition of the bodywork and mirrors, windscreen and wipers. For example if a door can´t open or mirror is broken, it may be considered a safety violation. 

If you´ve had any modifications made to the vehicle, or had repairs following an accident, these need to have been carried out by a registered fitter and homologated at a test centre. We mention this point because we had a problem when we bought a second hand car last year.

Unbeknown to us the headlights had been changed to Xenon lights. When we had the car inspected during it´s ITV, they found the alteration and failed the car for not having the correct paperwork regarding the changes made. We then had to buy new headlights which were classed as standard by the manufacturer and have them fitted by an approved garage. So please be aware of any none factory fitted alterations, even towbars.

What The Results Mean

There are three categories for failure - minor faults (defectos leves), serious faults (defectos graves) and very serious faults (defectos muy graves). 

Minor faults will not require a retest, however if you´re stopped by the police and you haven´t completed the repairs, then you will be fined. Serious faults will require a retest, but the vehicle can be driven away to have the repairs carried out before returning for another test. Very serious faults also require a retest but the vehicle will not be allowed to be driven away. This will mean you´ll have to arrange for a grua to collect your vehicle and take it to a garage for the repairs to be completed,

If a vehicle fails the test, the owner is issued a paper listing the faults. The repairs must be completed within one month of the test. If the repaired vehicle is returned within 15 days, the owner will normally receive a discount on the cost of the repeat test. If the vehicle is not retested during the one month period, notification will be sent to the Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico and the car may be de-registered.

Once your vehicle has passed it´s test an ITV card detailing the results of each test undertaken, and a certificate is issued as proof of road worthiness. The certificate must be displayed in the top right hand corner of the windscreen. It shows the month and year of the next test due.

In the case of motorbikes and mopeds, the certificate may be carried with the vehicle's paperwork rather than having to be displayed. Not displaying a certificate, or driving without a valid ITV can result in severe fines.

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