Luna Mora Festival In Mijas

The Luna Mora Festival in Mijas has been a spectacular success, with thousands of visitors coming to the village of Mijas Pueblo over the weekend! There were so many people coming up to the village on Friday night that we ended up in a queue of traffic for almost half an hour heading up the hill from work.

The multi-storey car-park was full, leaving hundreds of people with no alternative but to park in the quarry, which is used as an overflow, and walk into the village from there. It seemed as if there were cars everywhere around the village streets with resident parking permits really coming into their own.

Shops, bars and restaurants were open until the early hours of the morning each day, with one restaurant owner admitting they had the best ever day in business on Saturday! We´re sure they weren´t the only ones either, as there seemed to be full restaurants everywhere.

The Luna Mora Festival - An Ancient Festival

The Luna Mora Festival is an ancient celebration of three important cultures who lived in the region of Andalusia - Christian, Muslim and Sephardic Jews. This is the first time the festival has been celebrated in the village but we´re sure it certainly won´t be the last. The atmosphere was amazing in the Jardines de la Muralla.

All of the street lights had been turned off and thousands of candles lit the way from Plaza de la Constitution up to the Bullring area of the gardens. There were big areas where candles had been lit in star and moon patterns for people to have their pictures taken amongst the flickering lights.

There were a large number of craft and food stalls lit by candles in the evening, although they had been open all day, every day, over the weekend. With Moorish music being played on loud speakers, and stall holders in traditional Moroccan dress adding to the feel. 

Each day held a variety of concerts and dance extravaganzas both in and around the Jardines de la Muralla and the Auditorium, along with workshops  in drawing and painting, crafts, astronomy, photography contests, storytelling and  theatre.

Well Done

After this years event we are sure that the Luna Mora will go from strength to strength. We don´t want this to sound patronizing, but we´d like to offer our congratulations to the organisers of this special event. It was magical!

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