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Aug 16, 2017

Artisan Beer Festival

Three nights of the best artisan beers in La Cala de Mijas

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Aug 14, 2017

Festival Of Legends 19 August

A great night of entertainment in Mijas Pueblo not to be missed!

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Jul 17, 2017

Blues In Mijas

Details of Noche Blues 2017 and it's free!

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Jul 02, 2017

World Padel Tour

The World Padel Tour comes to Mijas Pueblo during July 2017. A chance to see the worlds best!

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Jun 20, 2017

Live Music In Mijas Pueblo

Details of 4 great music events to be held in Miojas Pueblo this summer

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Apr 09, 2017

British Consulate in Malaga

Read about my experience with the British Consulate in Malaga, and find out how they may be able to help you too

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Oct 06, 2016

Top 10 Places To Visit In And Around The Mijas Area

Our list of Top 10 Places covers a wide area, but offers some of the prettiest, most spectacular, interesting and quirkiest places around. Why not take a look for yourself?

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Sep 28, 2016

Renting Your Home In Spain?

A lot of rental contracts for residents have been written over 11 months to protect the owner. Could these be worthless? Has the tenant still got long term rights? This will explain.

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Aug 17, 2016

Mijas Feria 2016

Mijas Feria 2016 The poster and datess

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Aug 05, 2016

Noche Andalusi Is On!

This weekends Noche Andalusi has been saved

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Aug 04, 2016


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Aug 03, 2016

Noche Andalusi Cancelled

Noche Andalusi in Mijas cancelled just 4 days before the event. What a farce!

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Jul 30, 2016

Festival Noche Andalusi

This years candle lit weekend - not to be missed

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Jul 19, 2016

La Cala Feria 2016

La Cala Feria 2016. Dates and this years poster

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Jun 28, 2016

Vive Mijas de Noche 2016

Summer party nights every week in Mijas, La Cala and Las Lagunas

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Jun 28, 2016

Mijas Tapa Route 2016

Details of this annual event- Not to be missed!!!

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Jun 26, 2016

Bar Alarcon

This was an email sent to us by Joanne and Adam after receiving our E-Zine. Like many people who visit our fabulous village they too have taken the plunge

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Jun 24, 2016

Complete Bus Timetable For The Mijas Area

Getting around Mijas by bus could not be easier, with this simple to use bus timetable. Just click on the links to get you going in the right direction

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Jun 19, 2016

Festival Of Legends

An evening of music with tributes to The Beetles, Michael Jackson, Queen & Elvis

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Jun 19, 2016

XV Flamenco Guitar Concert

Annual concert in Las Lagunas, Mijas

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Jun 17, 2016

Pets and HOT weather don't always mix!

The weather is starting to get really hot again ready for another fabulous summer. However we just wanted to remind those of you with pets to be extra vigilant when taking your pets out or even when leaving them at home. It's so easy to forget that they need special care when it's hot.

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Jun 14, 2016

Secret garden

Just been here for a meal after reading all the 'fantastic' reviews! Well..... Ours was an average experience. Couldn't go in secret garden, fair enough,

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Jun 10, 2016

Classic Bikes 2016

Classic Bikes 2016. This weekends annual rally in Mijas Pueblo

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May 18, 2016

Animal Rescue

Details of the Animal Rescue Carnaval in La Cala de Mijas

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Apr 30, 2016

Sardinada La Cala de Mijas

Details of the 2016 Sardinada. Live music and a 1000 kilos of free sardines cooked over wood!

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Apr 08, 2016

Alegria Spring Fayre

Alegria Spring Fayre 2016. Raising money for rescue animals in Mijas

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Mar 18, 2016

Easter In Mijas 2016

This years pester program for Mijas in English

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Feb 16, 2016

Autonomo - Self Employed

Becoming self employed in Spain is very different, here we provide an introduction to the system. - autonomo

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Feb 07, 2016

New ITV Station Due To Open In Mijas

Find out here where the new ITV station is located in the Mijas area

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Jan 28, 2016

Plaza Virgen de la Pena remodel Works Are Under Way

The works to remodel the Plaza Virgen de la Pena is in it's second day see what is happening and what is planned.

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Jan 25, 2016

The processionary caterpillar

There has been a lot said about the dangers of the pine processionary caterpillar with pets. But what about the adverse reaction for humans? Here is some great information!

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Jan 22, 2016

Business Directory For The Mijas Area

The MUST HAVE Business Directory for residents, holiday home owners and holiday makers here in the Mijas area

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Jan 20, 2016

Important For Property Owners!

If you own property in the Mijas area you should read this!

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Jan 16, 2016

The Costa del Sol Equestrian Tour Winter Cup

The Mijas Racecourse will resume their equestrian activity from February the 9th this year with the start of the Winter Cup. This is one of the most important international events scheduled for the Costa del Sol Equestrian Tour. A total of 500 horses and 130 riders representing 34 countries across 5 continents will compete until the end of March at the Mijas Winter Cup

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Jan 13, 2016

Important Telephone Numbers For Mijas Residents

All important telephone numbers and addresses for people living in the Mijas area. Keep them close by for when you need help fast

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Jan 12, 2016

Has climate change reached Malaga?

Following last years record breaking weather the Sur looks at the long term effect...

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Jan 11, 2016

Hiking Mijas January

Full listing of guided walking tours in the Sierra de Mijas for January 2016

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Jan 08, 2016

30 Reason to love the Costa Del Sol

Some great information here for people staying or living in Mijas.

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Jan 07, 2016

Cooler Spell On Its Way!

It looks as though the weather is going to cool off over the next couple of weeks. Staying mostly dry though!

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Jan 06, 2016

3 Kings 2016 La Cala de Mijas

The 3 Kings parade in La Cala De Mijas in pictures

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Jan 04, 2016

Playing The Spanish Lottery

Confused by the selection of Spanish lottery and how to play? We clear things up for you

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Dec 20, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

A very merry christmas from Mijas Life

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Dec 16, 2015

Expat In Business

How does an expat make a living when they make that life changing move to live in Spain. We speak to those people in the Mijas area and find out

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Dec 14, 2015

Spanish Recipes - Cook The Food We´ve All Come To Love

Our extensive range of Spanish Recipes offers a chance to appreciate the tasty cuisine on offer. Show off to friends and family with deliciously varied recipes

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Dec 10, 2015

Christmas Shopping Hours

Here are the Christmas opening hours for the Miramar shopping centres. Sundays included for the 20th and 27th December.

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Dec 07, 2015

Maps Of Mijas

A selection of links to useful maps of the Mijas area. Be it tourist maps or area boundary lines you´ll get them here

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Dec 03, 2015

Malaga Christmas Lights

Malaga Christmas Lights switch on 2015

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Dec 02, 2015

Flea Market

New flea market to Mijas

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Dec 02, 2015

Top 10 Kids Activities Around The Mijas Area

Our list of Top 10 Kids Activities offers something for all age groups. A happy child makes for happy parents, and there´s plenty here to keep everyone happy all day!

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