Picture Gallery Of Mijas

Our picture gallery of Mijas and the local area has been put together using the many photos we´ve taken over the years. With the village being so high up in the mountains, it offers some spectacular views of the surrounding area. On a clear day we can even see as far as the African coast! The mountains that act as a back-drop to the pueblo offer another dimension, with the trees, rocks, valleys and the wild life that live there.

We´re extremely privileged to live in such an amazing place and we´d love to share these great images with you. We´ve given a brief explanation of what the pictures are showing and where they were taken from, to help you get a better feel for this magical place. If you have any of your own pictures which you´d like to share, then please send them to us via sue@mijaslife.com and we´ll be pleased to add them for everyone to enjoy.

The photos we´ve included have been put under various headings - pictures of Events Around The Village, of the Flora and Fauna In The Area, of the Muralla Gardens Area, Views From the Village, the Village Streets and the Weather, Sunrises and Sunsets. Click on any of these and it´ll take you to that particular section, or just scroll down the page to see them all.

Picture Gallery Of Events Around The Village

We´ve had some great events in the village, which we´ve covered on our events page. We hope those of you who have been in the area when these events have been held, have managed to come along and join in the fun! We´re sure there are lots of you out there with many more great pictures, so please don´t forget to send and share them for our picture gallery. Here are just a few of our pictures from some of them. 


These pictures are of the "Carnival" held every February. The costumes are amazing, and it´s great fun to watch. The little boy opposite may not agree when he´s grown up however, perhaps a little embarrassing!

Donkey Statue

These pictures show the now "iconic" donkey statue being erected, unveiled and as it stands today. Donkeys are a huge part of village history and this is a great way to commemorate that. You can sit on the donkey to have your picture taken. 


There´s always a huge turnout for the Easter celebrations and parades. This years warm, sunny weather seemed to bring out even more people - the village was packed, as these pictures show.

Classic Bike Show

These are pictures of the annual "Classic Bike Show" held in Plaza Virgen de la Peña. The top right picture shows one of the games for participants to join in with whilst riding their bikes. It´s a good laugh to watch and a great day out. 

Made In Mijas - Hecho En Mijas

Hecho En Mijas or Made In Mijas, is a new concept created by the local traders to publicise products that are made in the local area. Each Wednesday they have stalls set out in the main square showcasing their produce. With everything from straw baskets, olive oil, jewellery, hand-painted name plaques, paintings and clothes on sale. Some of which can also be bought in the local shops.

Luna Mora

Unfortunately these photos don´t do the evening any justice.

Luna Mora was a magical night of candles, with thousands of them around the village and the Muralla Gardens. 

San Juan

San Juan in the village, with fireworks going off in Fuengirola - brilliant night! 


Here are some great images from the last few years of Feria de Mijas. Each year the light displays around the village are changed, but the atmosphere, fun, food and drinks still remains. A great, if not exhausting, end to the summer! 

Christmas and Three Kings

The Christmas lights are normally very pretty throughout the village, however the Town Hall always looks extra special.

When the Three Kings arrive in the village, there´s always a lot of excitement, with sweets thrown from the floats.

Picture Gallery Of The Flora and Fauna In The Area

The area of Mijas offers a wide variety of trees, plants, flowers and wildlife, because of the climate and diverse countryside available. It´s a shame we don´t have "smell-a-vision" because the smells from these trees and plants is wonderful, particularly first thing in the morning or after a light rain shower. The pine and eucalyptus trees are fabulous. As for the wildlife - who would believe they can walk only a few hundred meters from their front door and come face to face with wild deer! Here are just a few of these amazing pictures in our picture gallery.

The plant below is commonly called the "bog brush plant" and can be seen around the village.

The pictures above were taken whilst walking the dogs into the mountains behind the village. The scenery is spectacular, and the scent from the pine and eucalyptus trees is fantastic.

The surrounding photo's show part of the herd of deer that live in the mountains just above the village. Our dog, Rafe, loves to watch them when we take him for his morning walk. They all stand and wait for us to go past before continuing on their journey. Amazing!!

Wild deer living in the mountains behind Mijas Pueblo
Part of the eucalyptus forest in the mountains behind Mijas Pueblo

Picture Gallery Of The Muralla Gardens Area

The area around the Muralla gardens includes the bullring and auditorium, and is a lovely space which is getting used more and more by the local authority. The gardens, pools and fountains are extremely well maintained and beautifully clean. The views from the walkways around the edge of the gardens, from the bullring and from the newly opened tower offer some spectacular views of the coastline and village. Here are a few lovely photos for our picture gallery, we hope you enjoy.

One of the beautiful fountains in the Muralla Gardens in Mijas Pueblo

The views, as you can see in the photos below, speak for themselves - they're fantastic.

The gardens are a very tranquil place to sit and enjoy the beautiful weather and views. Each of the fountains have been finished with mosaic tiles in different colours, and are surrounded by stone patterns in the area around them. The gardens are well stocked with trees and shrubs, indigenous to the region. 

Above is the auditorium and below the bullring, all accessed through the gardens.

Picture Gallery Of The Views Available From The Village

The views from Mijas Pueblo really are quite spectacular, no matter what direction you´re looking in. We really have it all, and we hope our pictures show that. We´ve got the coastline and the Mediterranean, the inland countryside between the coast and the mountains, and of course the mountains themselves. The views change with each passing day, from hot, dry, sunny days in the summer to cloudy, wet days in the winter. Here are just a few amazing photos for our picture gallery.

These two photos show the African coast and the mountains, just as the sun sets. Africa always seems such a long way off, these show you how close it actually is.

Above is the area towards Benalmadena (just around that mountain), and below the coastline towards La Cala de Mijas. To the right is the main road down from the village into Fuengirola in the distance. 

All three photos are taken from the Muralla Gardens. 

The other pictures above and to the side here show views of the village from the mountain. You can really see just how well the village nestles into the mountain side and it's surroundings.

The picture above is the "Ermita" which can be seen for miles around both day and night, thanks to the lighting. Below is what you actually see if you're prepared to climb the mountain. 

Picture Gallery Of The Village Streets

Mijas Pueblo is a naturally pretty village. Although the local authority have worked really hard to make the village more tourist friendly. Adding hundreds of blue plant pots around the streets and getting the electricity company to move their cables underground where possible, to name just a couple of things. The streets are kept reasonably clean and litter-free, although this is sometimes difficult with the amount of people visiting the pueblo. Here are just a few fantastic pictures of the village streets.

The pictures above, below and top right show the much newer part of the village with the Town Hall above. They show just how the village fits into the mountainside.

The three pictures directly above show the area around the shrine of the Patron Saint of Mijas - Virgen de la Peña. The one below shows the street linking from the shrine to the Constitution Square.

These other pictures show some of the very pretty streets leading to some of the older parts of the village. As you´ll see there are trees and plants everywhere adding a splash of colour!

The photo above shows the world famous "Donkey Taxis" of Mijas, and below the horse-drawn carriages. Both of which offer a ride around parts of the village.

Below is the flower market held in Constitution Square every Saturday morning.

The three surrounding pictures show one of the most photographed streets in Mijas - Calle San Sabastian.

Picture Gallery Of The Weather, Sunrise And Sunset

We get some amazing sea frets along this part of the coastline, however being so high up in the village we get to raise our heads above the clouds! That same height allows us some wonderful sunrises and sunsets, although the camera we´ve used doesn´t always give justice to the amazing colours in real life. Sometimes you just need to be here in person to appreciate them all the more. Here are just a few amazing photos.

Sunrise and Sunset

These five surrounding pictures show some of the amazing sunsets we get from our terrace. The colours are spectacular, unfortunately the camera doesn´t show the full colour explosion!

These first three pictures show the sun rising on the same day. As you´ll see from the lack of movement in the clouds - this only took a few short minutes to become spectacular!

Sea Frets

If you´ve ever wondered what it´s like to live in the clouds - then we can tell you first hand - it´s surreal. These sea frets come in from the Mediterranean and cover everything in sight, unless of course you happen to live about 1500 feet above sea level! 

The picture below was taken in August, not much sun on the beach that morning!

Please don´t forget to send us your photos of the local area, we´d love to put them in our picture gallery and share them with everyone. Send them to sue@mijaslife.com Thanks!

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