Reviews Of Restaurants In Mijas

We're looking for reviews of restaurants that are located within the Mijas area. Have you had a great meal? Do you fancy being a restaurant critic? Then why not share your experiences by writing us a review here on Mijas Life?

Which is your favourite?

There are hundreds and hundreds of restaurants and bars in the Mijas municipality and each one offers something unique. We have our favorites, and we're sure you have yours too. We would love you to share your experiences with all of our readers, and we have thousands of them!

Many of our readers are local residents, and many more of them are visitors to Mijas from every corner of the globe. We can guarantee that nearly every one of them will be eating out a least once while they're in the area, and they could all benefit from reading your reviews. 

Share your reviews of restaurants in Mijas

Do you watch Master Chef on the television? Do you crave to be in the shoes of one of the expert food critics? Well here is your opportunity! But we don't just want a review of the food, we'd like a review of everything about the restaurant itself.

Tell us - What was the menu like? What did you choose? Did the food and drinks you purchased offer value for money? How was the service and ambience? Were the staff efficient and friendly? What was the décor like? Were the toilets clean and tidy?  What did you enjoy the most, that made your visit one to remember? and  of course What was perhaps not so good? All these things and more will make up a stunning review.


We just have a couple of guidelines for your review! 

  • The restaurant must be in the Mijas municipality. Check this map if you have any doubts
  • Only one restaurant per review. Please feel free to submit as many as you wish, as long as they are submitted individually!

What are you waiting for?

Be the first to review a particular bar or restaurant. Write your Mijas restaurant review now and share your experiences with all of our other readers. Help our readers select which restaurant or bar within the Mijas area they will try next!  

Your Restaurant Reviews

Have you had a great experience in a local restaurant or bar? We want to hear and so does everyone else. Share it!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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La Luna - Campo Mijas 
These guys are great - a husband and wife team who really care about their clients, food & service. We have always been very happy holding our functions …

Valparaiso Restaurant Not rated yet
Visited the Valparaiso Restaurant for the 1st time in October 2015. We were swiftly approached by the owner Ralph who gave us the best welcoming ever …

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