Spanish Recipes

The Spanish recipes we´ve found offer a taster of the cuisine available in this beautiful area of Andalusia. There´ve been so many different civilisations invading this important trading region over the centuries, that it´s easy to see why Andalusian cooking has become a real mixed bag of flavours and influences. When people rarely moved from their villages it meant that they cooked what they could grow or raise in livestock. This had, and still does have, a huge influence on the cooking style of Andalusia.

Many of the great recipes on our pages are courtesy of the Andalusian recipe "guru" Janet Mendel. For more of her fabulous recipes we suggest buying one of her many books which offer a real insight into the region through food.  For more great Spanish recipe books by other authors click on the link below....

Spanish Cook Books

Libros de Cocina Españoles

Spanish Recipes From Andalusia

Here in Andalusia we´re lucky to have the fabulously well stocked waters of the Mediterranean, mountain ranges with olive, almond and fruit trees and wild boar and deer running around. Put all of those together with produce grown and bred, such as pork, potatoes and tomatoes and you´ve got yourself one heck of a tasty larder for these amazing Spanish recipes!

To make things easier to find we´ve split everything into sections - Breakfast, Tapas, Starters, Mains, Desserts. Cheese and Wine. However many of the recipes can be interchanged by just increasing or decreasing the amount made - Simple! 

No matter where you live in the world you should still be able to get your hands on most, if not all, of the ingredients necessary for the recipes covered. We hope you enjoy cooking and eating our selection of recipes as much as we do.

Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast in Spain often comes around twice each day. The first is normally early in the morning, about 6.30 to 7 am, and consists of a coffee and bread before heading out of the door to work. 

The second is a few hours into the working day when people will stop work for a while. They´ll go off and normally have something a little sweeter with cocoa or have bread rolls with something on them. Our selection of Breakfast Recipes gives you a chance of eating the Spanish way, from the moment you get out of bed.

Spanish Tapas

Spanish Tapas can, and is, eaten throughout the day and night. It´s seems it´s always tapas time. But with thousands of recipes to choose from, we weren´t sure where to start. Our selection of Spanish Tapas offers a wide selection using different ingredients and cooking methods, even easy non-cooking ones. This is a great way to get into Spanish cooking and enjoy the fabulous flavours on offer.


With fish being caught locally everyday, fresh fruit and vegetables available from the huge number of growers in the area, there´s no wonder there are so many great starters available on the restaurant menus. Our selection of Spanish Starters gives you a huge choice, and a great chance to make and enjoy your own at home.

Main Dishes

It´s sometimes too easy to stick to the main courses from your own country of origin, as they´re usually recipes passed down or taught in schools. Our selection of Main Dishes offer some typically Spanish recipes but which use the ingredients you´re used to. Meat, fish and vegetables available all over the world but used and prepared in such a way as to make them taste truly Andalusian.

Dessert Recipes

As expected there aren´t as many dessert recipes in Spain as there are savoury options. Because of the heat, and of course the abundance of fresh fruit, you tend to find a few great dishes rather than a massive list. Our selection of Dessert Recipes still manages to give you a great selection of delicious ones to choose from. Although you may find you´re too full from the previous courses, it´s always handy to have a great dessert for those with that extra bit of room!

Spanish Cheese

We don´t expect you to make your own, but cheese production in Spain is huge and offers a wide variety of soft, semi cured and cured cheeses from the different areas. Our selection of Spanish Cheese offers our suggestion from each region so you can determine which is your favourite. And as cheese is used in so many of the Spanish recipes, it´s always a great idea to have a selection of cheese in the fridge.

Spanish Wines

As we´re sure you can appreciate, we don´t expect you to make your own wine either, but instead our selection of Spanish Wines offers you our suggestions to look out for in your local supermarket or off-licence. !t´s quite interesting to know the difference between the various regions of Spain producing world respected wines and Sherries, because again they are nearly always required for use in Spanish recipes.

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