Top 10 Things To Do

Our list of Top 10 Things To Do came about when we were thinking of all of the things that are available to do in and around the area of Mijas. There are so many varied activities available that we just couldn´t decide how to narrow things down, so we decided that a top 10 was probably the way to go.

As we´re all different, and all want different things from our holidays, days out and hobbies, we´re hoping that somewhere in the following lists you´ll find something that suits you. The lists of Top 10´s are varied but they are of course just a small selection of what´s on offer in this fabulous region of Spain. There´s a huge choice available however things aren´t always advertised well, so if you don´t see it here in our lists then you may need to search around a bit.

We´ve tried to compile a list of the Top 10 Things To Do for all ages, interests and possibly more importantly, energy levels. We realise that not everyone wants to go hiking up in the mountains or shoppin´ till they´re droppin´- so we´ve hopefully covered something for everyone.

Top 10 Things To Do - Adrenalin Activities

These Adrenalin based activities are ones that will give you excitement, and a whole lot of fun. Whether you live here and are looking for a new hobby, or you´re looking for something different to do whilst on holiday, this list will give you some great ideas. Click here to see our exciting list.

Because they´re not all based in the Mijas area, we´ve listed them starting in the West of the region and heading East. In many cases you´re probably going to need a car, although some things are accesible using public transport. See our Getting About In Mijas page for bus and train timetables. 

Top 10 Things To Do - Beaches

For our list of Top 10 Beaches, we´ve tried to think “outside the box”, as there are dozens of great beaches to choose from in the area. So our suggestions are beaches that would suit people with different needs. For instance one of the best beaches for relaxation is at Cabo Pino, and the best beach for party animals is Nikki Beach.

To find the best beach for your needs click on this link to take you to our list with more information about each of them.The list shows our suggestions starting in the West and heading East along the coast. Which ever beach you end up we´re sure you´re going to have fun. Why not try a few different ones, you´re bound to find your favourite that you will keep coming back to time and time again!

Top 10 Things To Do - Country Walks

Our Top 10 Country Walks offers some amazing walks through the mountains and campo areas of Mijas. Not only will they give you an opportunity to keep fit and get plenty of fresh air, but they all offer some amazing views of this stunning part of the world!

All of the Mijas Mountain walks are extremely well sign posted, so there´s no real need to take additional maps with you, however the Town Hall have produced a great map showing all of the routes available. Click here for more information about what you´ll expect on these fabulous country walks.

Top 10 Things To Do - Golf Courses

Our list of Top 10 Golf Courses offers a list of those courses closest to Mijas Pueblo which include courses of varying sizes and skill levels. As there are dozens to choose from on the Costa del Sol (Costa del Golf) we decided this was probably the best way to offer something for every player.

Click this link to see the various courses as well as useful information about each of them. We´ve used Mijas Pueblo as the centre point and started north sweeping in a clockwise direction showing the Top 10 Golf Courses closest to the village.

Top 10 Things To Do - Kids Activities

For our list of Top 10 Kids Activities we found we were spoilt for choice. There are so many things to entertain children in the Mijas area that narrowing it down to our Top 10 was a bit of a struggle. We hope you agree that our list offers something for all age groups, from little tots to grown up teens.

We´ve suggested great days out with lots of visits to animals, small and fluttery, big and hairy and even prehistoric. There´s plenty of water involved as well. Whether the children get in the water or look at something else in the water, the choice is theirs. What ever you decide to do, we hope you have some amazing fun!  Click on this link to see our list and get more information about our suggestions, which start in the East and head West through the region.

Top 10 Things To Do - Places

With our list of Places, we think we´ve given some of the prettiest, most traditional, even quirkiest villages, and some of the most historic and cultural towns and cities in the area. You are of course going to need a car to visit some of them. However there is a great network of public transport available with both buses and trains heading out of Fuengirola and Malaga.

Whatever means of transport you intend use, and whatever effort and planning is require, we´re confident that you won´t be disappointed when you arrive at these great destinations. Click on this link to see our list and get more information about our suggestions, which start in the East and head West through the region.

More to Come....

As our site progresses and grows, there´ll be more and more Top 10 Things To Do being added, so please watch this space!

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